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Friday, October 22nd, 2004
2:33 pm
One of Us is DEAD
hello hello, just a quick rambles

1)i had a dream t'other night...it consisted of me being at the NME head office and i was walking round with an old copy of it, from the days when it was an actual paper and i was browsing through and enjoying it...i then found the people who currently write the NME and asked them where have all the words gone? how can you interview a band in 400words i argued with them...they seemed to take my point of view...the dream ended..when i awoke i fancied a cheese/ham toastie but i had no bread/cheese or ham...important in the making of any cheese/ham toastie, so i walked to sainos, got some and picked up the latest edition of the nme...and it had a big....YOUR NEW NME STARTS HERE thing at the top...i thought..maybe the dream had been a sign, maybe my weekly 180 pence will no longer be a waste..but alas its worse than ever...ha...im not sure what they have done..but they got rid of that "i love so and so" by "someone famous" section...i liked that bit...so theres my dream

2) 22-20s. willy mason. manchester hop n grape....twas a fine show by dear william..he is wonderful and sold about 1000million cds at the end..bless his soul...i asked him a couple of questions about saddle creek/team love even though i knew the answers...im such a loser...then cathy davey came on but me/dan/O went and spoke to a guy called Nick who is willys driver...then the 2220s...who i always kinda enjoy..they arent a bad band...then dan and i stumbled into the 22-20s dressing room and ate some bread...then we heard them coming off after their encore so ran off...

3) the earlies. micah p hinson. 2 wonderful bands....what a wonderful show...i bought 2 cds and a tshirt too...now im so broke...micah was a charmer and the girl selling his stuff is hot...go check out his cd in hmv..shes the half naked chick on the front...she was lovely lovely stuff..the earlies are poptasitc..i have them on now and as the heatings on and they are playing it could be summer...but then i look out the window and its pissing it down as usual...fun fun fun in the sun sun sun yeah.

4) tonigh is willymason/hots/the rakes inliverpool...should be alright..hots are giving the first 50people a free cd...its lush..i really want it...but i hate the fact i probebrly will miss out due to lazyness....i can only hope and pray...on a hots related theme..the boy dominic on my friends list has rejoined the message board which is nice...and i bumped into the guy from the board who lives round the corner..hes a gentleman

5) the redcars are all in brizzle this week..i imagine muchos fun will be had by all..i love them all dearly..i hope the sheffy show gets confirmed...dave keep me in touch..the yeah the cars the ten and the kid would be an almighty good night and would be well worth a trip over the pennines..

6) cant really think of much else to ramble about for now..i have an essay due in on thurs..probably should get my arse into gear...

love and honour


Current Mood: poptastic
Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
6:57 am
try to see where trouble ends......
....ive found out its in yr friends..


yeh, i sat on the bus on the way home from uni with so many thoughts and ideas to write in this shambles/rambles box but now most of them have escaped me, so this may be pretty terriable...i will enedevour for better stuff.

im fine by the way..manchester is a kind misstress, she didnt drizzle all the time in my first yeah, but now she is striking back and it does just feel constantly raining...this doesnt really upset me in anyway like i thought it may...it makes me realise how good duvets, radiators and tea are...i spent a rather nice hour or so in bighands with a new friend of mine called daniel...he is a supercool guy, i can see me being pals with him for a good while and this fills me with much hope and happiness...i knew i was onto a winner when i saw his joydivision tshirt...interestingly enough, the guy doing my cinema and society unit has a joydivision tshirt too....they are everywhere...anyway big hands is a lovely place to shelter from the rain, the people serving are lovely, the juke box is pretty ace, the t is a quid a cup...so a friendly hour with some t, some chatter and some guy put a shed load of elbow on...it was pretty beautiful...the sort of afternoon i want plenty more of....

my hoose is pretty damn nice aswell....initially the 15 minute walk to the bus was a burdon on my life but now its a pleasure, my walkman and my thoughts get me through this time, we live in quite a nice area..suberban is a good word i guess...we have elderly neighbours and a family the other side...there are some ruffians who hang about, but they dont seem to want to hurt us yet...we are humble student types after all....its just nice to be out of halls...the location may be worse, i may have to mop the kitchen floor everynow and then and the bills are a hassle, but im completly comfortable in this place, i can sit around all day and i know james/dave wont be a hassle, they will be quite the opposite, i also know that nobody annoying will just come in....toms back in halls which was his choice and there are benefits...but when i think of the breezeblocked heaven, im happier where i am...halls are a bitchy place from my expereicne...living wiht people you have very little choice over...paul was a nice guy last year but we get on so much better when i dont have to see him all day everyday, and mark, well mark is weird, he freaks me out...and annoys me and he stinks...that may sound harsh if you dont know the fella, but its all true...though tom/dan/jack are all top fellas it must be said...

seen a few bands and stuff so far...kingsofconvenience were tottally beautiful, such a lovely duo...and natgreen/dugong both passed evenings by and brought a smile to this dear face you all know and love...im also avoiding the obvious indie discos if i can...the days of a shedload of cider then 5th ave everynight are well behind me i hope...manchester is far too big and fun to keep going to the same places to hear 3 libertines songs, some strokes, i am the reserection, this charming man and then home...theres more to life i hope and pray...last night i went to a law party due to jason being on the law society because i took naked pictures of him...ha...trendy place, i danced to commerical rnb and other crazy stuff...and it didnt really bother or offend me that much...i did pay a fiver for a double jd though, pricey times...but i did get to wear some pinstriped trousers and a v neck jumper, basically i looked the sex.

also got a text of vik yesterday which was a pleasure...probably heading to londonvillage at some point in november..the leicesterkids all over this fair land seem to be battling bravley...they are a good lot...im loving the redcars forum..im sure the band want to use it to plan their world domination, but i just like some banter with my mates...you cant hurt me for that surley...the odd email and text and message of love/support means so much...the hots forum has some kind souls on there aswell..i have added a couple to my friends list on here..tony is a bravebrave soul...his rambles are lengthy and at times pained...but he is a good lad..oh and dominic who is tecniqually an ex-forumerrr...but i like him lots and well his photos look pretty good to me...not that i know what is good or bad photography...

my job at the apollo is also going pretty well...the supervisor type girl who gives me shifts is really really fun and nice and sarcastic..i like it lots..and the 2 main guys there seem pretty cool..one was at the brendanbenson show i saw in liverpool...so now he thinks im cool (which is a pretty fair assumption)...i feel pretty comfortable there now and can handle it all pretty easily...they aslo like me i think so i can work whenever i like...i cant really argue with that..the pay isnt amazing but then again, i do very little, so its cool...

musically im loving the arcade fire a lot...they have made an album called funerals which is a totally wonderful thing...i have to buy it somehow, i only have a copied cd thanks to dearjames...may import it...i just want to invest in this music...its too good to ignore...er yeah gravenhurst is from bristol and plays beautiful acoustic noises....i cant find a problem with him...oh and the 22-20s album is much better than i expected and what it will ever get credit for...i think there ace..seeing them next week with the gorgeous willy mason supporting...he is also supporting some hots mtv2 show im going to see in liverpoool...hopefully i can meet zane "funbags" lowe...also plenty of belle and seb, dylan, just the usual really, kings of coneveience and broken spindles..some ace stuff

one final obtuse point...at night i can watch trains go by out my window...my curtains are a bit short and the train line is pretty much smack bang behind our house, i love watching the lights flicker by...i often wonder where the folks are off too and if there ok...that is a strange thing to type..but it just came to me as a train went by...

anyway im well...there is half a vieneta in the freezer due to a beautiful night es and i had t'other night with stoppit and tidyup dvds...vieneta and continetal lager...im in a remarkably good mood...its ace...i hope yr well if yr reading this or if you've got this far..i can believe i wrote this much...people ask me how i want to be rememebered and simply i say i want to be remembered as the man who brought a smile to everyone he met...i think thats about right...

love and honour to all of you out there

Current Mood: fine and dandy
Monday, August 16th, 2004
12:14 pm
hello hello?
hey..home is fun...i cant be arsed to write this mess of a rambles and moaning all the time...life is too short...but hey im back at uni in sept so it will inevitably start up again...leicester is far too much fun..ha

take care

Friday, June 11th, 2004
12:16 am
sadness on my back
so the term is going to end with a funeral...my grandads to be precise...as one of es' flatmates put it so vividly "death gets in the way of everything"...these wise words were uttered by a complete fool...but for once i agree

so i miss some party and i was going to see the bloc party play...i was looking forward to it and everything...but then again the funeral will be fine...chance to see those who i havent seen for far too long (ie my family)...and he had been ill for ages and his death if anything is a relief...strange phenomenon seeing death as a relief...but this certianly is...he was a nice man...well what i knew of him...i doubt many ever really KNEW him...but i owe him a lot i guess...he is part of the reason i even exist on this sorry planet...

my room and my life is in boxes...the shelfs are empty except for a load of cds i couldnt find room for...some hay fever tablets and half a bottle of southern comfort...im half tempted to drink that now though...either that or take it to the funeral...bad taste? pete jones? i should hope not..this little box room in the south of manchester has been home for a while now...it feels like home...the faces of those i love and respect have been on these walls for so long...now im back to the breeze blocks...one more sleep in this uncomfortable bed...one more shower in the most beautiful and refreshing of showers...im being melodrematic i know that...but why not...its my journal...i like to ramble...you...you are reading my rambles..shame on you...but yes it has been a fun year..met lots of lovely people...got to know es loads more..which i enjoy..shes alright i reckon...and i realise just how much i miss the friends i have accumilated in leicester...never underestimate dave pott negrine...i would of killed for his company on some the more lonely nights in this big ol city...ye count yourself v lucky people of sheffield..

the summer holds no real plans...have applied for a job at the information centre in town hall square...my mum said they wanted people...could be alright i guess...could do with a job...also theres lots of football...a few gigs...bout it really...daveyboy..move is not sold out..30quid for the day with ze pixies..but to be fair that day looks awaful...i reckon its all about the pixies though...my house is urs should you require a room to rest you and your ladies weary heads...will talk properly soon...cant wait..x

drinkin whisky in my room like an old drunk...huzzah...best stop rambling and go to bed i guess...take care you fine people who actually read these words...

one more quick note...last night at 5th ave they played world in motion and finished on whippin picadilly...nights out dont get much better than that...me and wilko also had vodkaumbongo....its the future ive tasted it...

love and honour..


Current Mood: artistic
Monday, June 7th, 2004
1:22 pm
the lost rioter
hooray june 7th is here! so i got up at 7.45am today. woke to the sounds of the wonderful explosions in the sky, fell out of bed, showered and got dressed.

by 8.50am i was on a bus into manchester central where i strolled into hmv, bought a copy of the new kings of conevnience single and the ltd edition copy of the lost riots by hope of the states. its very very very good too. wonderful even

i am very happy. greggs for lunch too. result

dave - fancy goin to move to see ze pixies? can kip at my place? its 30quid for the day, we dont even have to watch the stereophonics. have a think. i think es n i are gonna do that....V seems a little impossiable

glasto transport is currrently being arranged, its going badly, very badly. we may end up hitchhiking i think. fun times

keep on rocking my friends, wherever this message finds you


Current Mood: content
Friday, June 4th, 2004
11:36 am
theres no guarentees.
well, a reflection on t'year i guess maybe in order sooner rather than later. year 1 is very very nearly done, it all starts to count next year. will have to have a clue what i want to do soon. bugger

tomorrow tom is leaving the flat, a whole week early. im writing this kinda hoping he will read it one day. basically he is my best mate in this flat and he and wilko are the 2 people i truly get on with. so im a bit gutted hes leaving me alone for a whole week. he also puts up with me just walking into his room all the time, talking random stuff and disrespecting his music. i dont know what im going to do next week, just sit in my room i guess. its not like its the end or anything, end of an era certianly. i would of loved him to have lived with us but that didnt work out, its all gravy i guess. cheers tom....youve been beautiful

saw razorlight last night, they were good. also carl from the libertines was there. he signed some paper for me (kindly provided by tom) and i was chuffed with the whole event. i like razorlight a lot.

glasto lineup is out, not really that amazing, but i still cant wait. a big old jolly up in brizzle, then glasto. should be funtimes. bringing my wilko from uni to meet the leicester kids too. if yer reading this, take care of him anyone, take care of wilko, hes ace! i think the thing about glasto this year is ive seen most of the people on the lineup i want to see. obviously i dont mind watching hope of the states all day everyday but i fear this glasto will be spend setting hippies on fire. i am superexcited about seeing belle and sebastian though.

back to leicester next week. i dont know if thats good or bad. i love manchester, i really do. but it will be nice to be at home. i dont know. who cares.

youve been a lovely audience.


ps please note by current mood is horny....i think thats funny...

Current Mood: horny
Thursday, May 27th, 2004
10:57 am
dont wanna be a bum? you better chew gum
and hello to you again...today will not just contain a hilarious link, but maybe even substance, laughter and points for discussion. good times.

erm i have done one exam and i have one left. the next exam is tomorrow from 2-5, which is horriable. whats worse is that i dont really know much about it at all and im just going to blag it i hope. this policy has probably worked with the first exam so i should be fine. its going to be so annoying to have to do work and stuff next year, making an effort really is overated. after 5 oclock tomorrow i have 2 weeks in mancy of doing nothing at all. which sounds ace. i fear my LJ will be updated loads due to having nothing else to do.

oh yeh it was my birthday which was neither here nor there. first grown up birthday i think, nothing really spectacular. though es did get me a badge maker which is going to be wizzing and whirrring into production next week some time. I plan to make some OC badges. i love the OC.

been to see some bands. hope of the states twice in a week was excessive but i love them, so i dont care. probably see them at glasto too (which is a month away!) and maybe in july in manc, which would be HOTS gig number 9. too far? yes do i care? a bit but not enough to stop me going. a june 7th release date is nearly upon us too. good times. also saw Gomez, who are just a bad habit for me now, they are always enjoyable live though and they sold out academy one in manchester which is shocking and impresive. saw Coxon too, he was ace, very good indeed. friday night sees a trip to see the killers and then may run into town to try to catch aidan smith who is playing at 11.45 at blowout.( www.blowout.org.uk )

my scouse flatmate who had the problem, had the problem again and has left for good, well his folks came and took all his stuff, so that was weird but a relief that we didnt have to worry about him anymore. canadian flatmate went home yesterday after a fun trip to a local scream pub in his honour, seeing toms face on a big screeen really was a treat for us all. so then there were six. has been a fun year, weird that its nearly over.

plans for the summer - glasto, V for a day (dave we need transport), summer sundae maybe, work at de mont a load, sleep, see friends and foes in leicester. head up to mancy to see new house and see benkweller and hots (probably), dance in mosh and the fan club at least once a week!

..........................theres no success like failure and failures no success at all..................................

take care ye hear me.


Current Mood: artistic
Thursday, May 20th, 2004
5:27 pm
Monday, May 17th, 2004
12:07 pm
not a lot to say
hey ho, im ok, no worries here, saw the streets and bill bailey last week which was lovely. had a good time. erm going to leicester today for my mums bday. good times. erm exams soon. should really revise soon instead of just sleeping all day and night. i like sleep.

finally please welcome to my journal a new hero of mine

he got a fat face

love and honour to ye all..

Thursday, May 6th, 2004
10:09 am
Thursday, April 29th, 2004
12:45 pm
so says i
well well well...i havent graced these pages with my wit and wisdom for a while, so i feel now i should. plenty has happened since i last updated this...one of my flatmates had some sort of breakdown and is now in hospital which was completly horriable and weird, had a beautiful day in the sunshine playing football and eating freshly BBQd meat, went to see british sea power and the mighty hope of the states (though i may have already mentioned that) oh and i saw stapleton with potters and andy and Ian who were very good indeed. so gigs, meat and hospitals is my basic update at the moment. oh i also killed lots of ants in our kitchen, they deserved it though, were well iritating like.

things i have been enjoying of late are the shins, ben kweller, the smiths, joy division, the streets and stapleton. which is a bit of a strange list, i cant see ian curtis bringing the indie mosh to the shins. i missed the shins in manchester due to them selling out which i was shocked by, i regret it lots but im hoping for a glasto show, but i doubt it. t in the park appears to be the best festival this year (it is every year) but why do they have to put in friging scotland for? it is the closest i have ever been to going to scotland. glasto should be fun though, if phil bolton there, it has to be fun.im also just catching up with the rest of the civilisation and getting into black books, have 2 more episodes to watch of series 1, its a great little treat, i love bill bailey and am going to see him in may, could be fun i fear.

good work rupam on meeting scr, i imagine his life is a sorry tale of being a witty teacher by day and a drunken, middle aged man trying to kiss girls younger than him. hes a bloody nice bloke though, somedays i think about the glory politics/history days in history 1, certianly were a treat. if i ever see scr out the first thing im going to tell him is about victor wanting his body. ha.

coming up for jones is....keane and franz ferdinand for the next two nights which makes me look like a loser but i nay care. FF are a good little pop band who have been blown out of proportion by the NME but theres no change there. will also be seeing explosions in the sky next week and maybe the beta band and maybe st thomas who is norwegian and acoustic (i cant say no). oh and some all dayer on sunday at the night and day, local bands but i want to see whats going on ehhhh.

anyway best put some clothes on, you will have to speak up im wearing a towel.


Current Mood: artistic
Sunday, April 18th, 2004
3:26 pm
On my way
and so im back in my little box room in central manchester. and it is usually raining at the moment which is neither a suprise nor does it bother me that much, just felt i would mention it as something of an introduction to this here journal. i seem to be updating this bitch a lot at the moment, how scene am i becoming? do i have a secret mesh cap in my closet...do i like the dashboard confesionals...time will surley tell.

anyway..music...music. so i saw the yeah yeah yeahs and they were alright, i wasnt really in the mood but they were good and karen o is kinda hot, so the evening was pleasent. i also went to see hope of the states on friday at the night and day and they were awesome awesome stuff....the night and day was sweltering...thought i would melt at some points..anyway the band played (with a new guitarist...what a hard job that dude has). anywho, they were as good as ever, the animations were all good and sam (lead singer) was as chatty and funny as ever. june the 7th is their album release date, which im excited about. cant wait.

my flatmate, a certian james wilkinson from kendal, has also been aiding my indie ways this week by downloading me the new gomez record (yeh they still exist, the new one may well be their poorest yet...), the new ben kweller (planet sound gave it 9/10), the new graham coxon, the first shins album and the broken social scene album called you forget it in people (or at least its something like that), anyway if these are any good, they will be bought, if they are crap, they wont...too poor to risk a mistake on a wank record...will get back with some verdicts on them once i have absorbed and listend...oh oh oh and i got love is hell parts one and two by ryan adams which is delectable..i have also discovered that i have misplaced the copied cd of that...damn it. fopp has opened in manchester and is going to ruin me...on my 2 visits i have spent a total of twenty five pounds..(the shins 2nd album...it was good so i bought it, spaced series 2 and a neill young album called harvest moon...the last one was a mistake as eddie mccann recomended me harvest by youngo..but i picked up harvest moon by mistake..damn you neill young for having a record called harvest and one called harvest moon)

my folks brought my stuff up..inc a load of jaffa cakes and an easter egg... a nice gesture...im avoiding doing work at the moment...might just go to sleep...anybody got anything of interest to tell me?? hello hello??
Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
12:34 am
the red the white the black the blue
hello fair peoples who may or may not read this journal

tonight on radio one they played the new hope of the states single. as you may or may not know i love this band. the single is brillo and on friday i get to see them at the lovely night n day cafe in manchester. NnD is one of my favourtie little venues. bit expenisve mind you. anyway well done to them. also on tuesday im going to see the yeah yeah yeahs. should be alreet.

this does all mean that im heading back to manchester...im going back early even for these gigs and to do some essays, i have done nothing at home. im not sure about going back to uni. perks of uni are a bit more freedom, a nicer city, closer to es' house, more gigs, perks of home are friends (real ones, long term ones..sorry tom...maybe one day you will fit into that catagory..i hope so at least), sky tv, nice food, comfy bed, nice house, HOME COOKING, less presure, no scousers (my dad doesnt count...as he hasnt lived there since he was 18 and hes 51 tomorrow). anway i have no choice so im heading back. keep yer head down for 8 weeks i reckon. go see some bands (explosions in the sky, keane, bsp and franz ferdinand are all booked in at the moment...gotta find me a ticket for the sold out shins shows..chutes too narrow is brilliant), do some work, have a laugh, come home again. at uni i drink more, sleep more and am mardy more. none of these really are that useful to me. i dont need more than 8hours a night, i dont even like cider very much and the whisky we buy is bad and im mardy more because i am. its no suprise that the journal hasnt been updated since ive been home seeing as ive got no time to do it and no reason to bitch (except fot at eavis.) even stil i have failed to see ed and john since ive been home..sorry for that...or rupam...its easy to see how i will lose contact with loads of people sooner rather than later. i will be some sad lonely guy in manchester on friends re-united...either that or i will be drinking sainsburys lowest of the low whisky and singing the blues

i did get glasto tickets in the end, should be weeeeell fun like. also considering a day at corporate V for the strokes and the pixies (you wanna come anyone?) also got to see redcarsgofaster since ive been home and they are actually turning into a very entertaining band. sure rabid dog had some jokey songs about bbc2 presenters, sure viena circle had danny english but redcars are actually quite good...worryingly so..dont tell dave this but hes a bloody good guitarist...ha. (love you dave) talking of dave, in sept next year, it will be our 10 year anniversiry...has it really been that long since year 6 with ribbo?? evidently so. been a good ride though. i will reflect more next year...fun times ahead eh.

anyway gotta run and pack..i leave for manchester at first light...im mad for it me.

Current Mood: artistic
Friday, April 2nd, 2004
4:38 am
an open letter....
dear mr eavis,

its currently 1.40 am on the 2nd of april 2004. i have been sitting with a phone to my ear and a computer in my face since 730pm yesterday evening, in search of a precious ticket to this years glastonbury. i am bemused and shocked at how long this is taking. If we consider all that happened last year with tickets, maybe only having 100 answering the phones was a little silly of you. its hard becuase glastonbury is the king of the festivals and last year was my first time and an amazing time. other festivals pale into comparison. but the simple organisation of the tickets and even simple things like a bus home seem to throw you and the festival organizers. please please please sort it out. my head hurts, my back aches and i dont know how much radiation ive got from my mobile phone but it sure aint helpful. thanks.

finally can i get the number of the woman on the automated answering service. she really is the only thing getting me through this endless 6 hour quest for tickets.

yours in the lord

Pete Jones

ps Paul bloody McCartney?! I thought he was dead.

updated at 4.33am...still waiting...the internet seems like the worst idea i have ever heard. How come i can get through, put all my deatils in and still not get any tickets? where do all my details go? Why is the phone line stil engaged after approx 2 thousand calls to it. a fast internet connection and a phone and 8 and a half hours are not enough to secure a ticket. we keep trying to work out what we are doing wrong. but we arent...we are just wasting hours of our lives...i know its a tough job, lord knows i have no idea how to help, but im sure someone out there is paid to work stuff out like this...im also sure you could coax a load of students in to work on the phones...give me a half price ticket and id do it...just something..please

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, March 25th, 2004
12:55 pm
no politiics or dirty trucks, more standing up and shouting out!
well the morn after the night before and well live journal and all who sails in her i am in damn good mood!

first lucid was alright. its such a nice place, absolutly massive and just really cool...is littered with idiots and stuff but hey the building and surroundings were cool. even a bowling alley in there somewhere but i never did find it. there was a big huge dance floor which was basically playing the sounds of sycamore flat one room 3 (for those of you now in the know rnb hip hop..commerical tastic), but there was another room playing "70s/80s" apparently. Little did i know that Pulp, the strokes and reef were 70s/80s bands. must do more research. so yeh a brit pop half an hour or so was had. it was suprising but a lot of fun,(after expecting rubish music, when Oh Plaaaaace yoooour arrrrrrrrrrrms came in, i was happy) then it went down hill...but unlike the fan club/5th avenue there were loads of seats and sofas and stuff. mental. so i just sat around for a bit, then we made our excuses and left. Pizza from the raj and then bed. flippin expensive night out but it was pleasent enough and well i cant complain.

But better than all that was when i was in the public house, drinking a pint of cider, there was a ring-a-ding-a-ling from phone and a women called Jo was on the line, "im from the appolo, do you want to work for us?" "yes, yes i do" and i am. TONIGHT! ha. money in the bank and all that. so yes im jobed up now.

This has helped me immesly, im finally gonna tidy my room, get a hair cut and maybe even wash, i reckon i could hack a few more days at uni now and everything. ah well. leicester still does sound appealing. i will see ye all there by the sport statues, you wear a flatcap, i will be the one with the i love gravy arrow.

Current Mood: chipper
Wednesday, March 24th, 2004
7:03 pm
keep yr friends close...
and so an update of sorts, it rushed update alas. tonight apparently im making the fun trip to the popular night spot known as lucid. i dont know really but i do have to wear shoes so im not really up for it. es' flatmates are all having birthdays in the holidays it seems (well 3 of them), so a merry night out it appears to be. ye count yer self lucky i reckon. also before hand i plan to avoid the drinking games....im not the kinda guy to want to slap my cock on the table whislt reciting crazy tales of the time i shagged 14 girls in ibiza, i have no stories, and this whole masculine brevardo is just sad to me, im a placid kinda guy im guessing. rather drink some whisky with ye discussing just how damn good hope of the states are. seriously i cant wait till june 7th, album is out, john earles from teletext has said its better than he hoped and he had massive hopes for it. also hopefully some dates around may should be splendid, a fear i may stalk the band round the north west. a fine live act they are. well done them. especially after all they have faced recently. the good will out or so it seems.

right i best run over and try to drink reefs whilst having cream forced up my nose or some such fun....am i dull? or just not a div? her flatmates are good people and i like them, really i do, just never have been that masculine, i swear hayley in her flat is more masculine than me, i mean, she plays rugby! ahh.

just quickly, im ready for home, feel tired of this here life, also seem to be getting random headaches at the moment, a strange phenomenom, come and get me ian, i want a week or three in leicester, big hugs to ye wherever ye may be resting.

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4:52 pm
Belle and Sebastian - If You&apos;re Feeling Sinister
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Sunday, March 14th, 2004
12:28 pm
who killed davey moore? why? whats the reason for?
time for a wee update.

currently our flat is being used to show people round so they know what they are living in next year. its a bit of a hassle really but free food is the way to my heart as you all know. so when people come round we let them in and answer questions and well its very very very fun i can assure you of that

went to sheffield...saw dave and vik and andy...it was lovely stuff. also saw the killers and dugong. both were excellent stuff. the dugong singer was a big drunken teddy bear. and that my friends can only be seen as a good thing. suppourt at both gigs was interesting. chuck are truley abysmal. i hope they die. good band called andy, glen and ritch with dugong. gooood times.

the journey home from sheffield is usually a pleasure and a ball. very picturesque. i like it a lot. and was not even bothered that i got on the train that takes an extra 25minutes. i had a book to read and the smiths to listen to and a nice view, i was content for half the joureny. then about 4million bloody middle class poncy ramblers got on the train. it went from being a pleasent trip with few on the train to the train being rammed and the best part was the walkers thought it would be good to have a band playing all the way to manchester. they didnt even ask. bloody nerve of it all. so yes there was violins, guitars, bass and other stuff. it was ok but i couldnt consentrate on my book and i couldnt hear the smihts properly even on full blast. mozza sounds weird with a bloody hoe down going on in the background. i dont know why this annoyed me so much. maybe it was the way they enforced their music on me. maybe it was their faces and yellow fleeces. they looked so smug with themselves as they sipped wine. maybe it was the annnoying over eager parents pushing their kids into this warped little world where walking through hills and then annoying people on trains is the norm, maybe it was the mum playing the damn spoons. a novelty instrument if ever i saw one. i dont know. but i could of done without it after sleeping on the floor for two nights with a coat for a mattress. i liked getting back into the city though, it was like them coming back to my life. damn fools.

leicester players are probably innocent. but stupid. won yesterday though so get yer tits out. i was very very happy indeed.
damn people are here to look round. good times. keep it real

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12:13 pm
new damn poll thing.
i am a mix taper!

How indie are you?
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Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
4:38 pm
just like dave and tom im...
you're indie!

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